Blueberry Thyme Gin Fizz

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Blueberry Thyme Gin Fizz


Small bunch fresh thyme
1 Cup Klaassen Farms Blueberries
1 Cup sugar
1 Lemon
Your favourite Gin
Sparkling lemon water

Thyme Simple Syrup

Cook one cup of white sugar and one cup of water over medium heat until the sugar is
completely dissolved and the mixture begins to feel syrupy. Remove from heat and add a few
sprigs of fresh thyme; cover and let cool. Once cool, remove the time and keep in a sealed

Blueberry Compote

Add one cup of Klaassen Farms Blueberries and one cup of sugar to a small saucepan with the juice
of half a lemon. Cook over medium heat until the berries burst and the mixture begins to look
like loose jam. Remove from heat and cool before refrigerating.

To Assemble:

1. Fill tall glasses with ice
2. To each glass, add the following:

2 oz Gin
1 oz Thyme syrup
2 Tbsp Blueberry compote

3. Top with sparkling lemon water, add a sprig of thyme, and serve

Recipe by Self Made Mama 

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