General Information

U-Pick Fields are closed until summer of 2024.

Absolutely no eating of the blueberries while picking can occur to ensure proper food sanitation. Blueberries should be washed and consumed offsite. If you are freezing your berries, we recommend freezing them and giving them a rinse when they are ready to be eaten. This helps prevent freezer burnt berries and preserves optimal freshness once frozen.
Pets (serve dogs being exempt) are not permitted in the fields to ensure food safety and visitor safety. We kindly ask that you leave your pets at home and not locked in hot vehicles. Guests are welcome to accompany their leashed pets in the U-Pick forest, patio at our Farm Store or in the Farm Adventure Zone.
To ensure the safety of all visitors and staff no outside food or drink should be consumed in the picking fields, store picnic area, or Farm Adventure Zone.
Customers bringing in their own containers are asked to ensure that these are clean, not over 5 gallons in size and fit onto our scales. U-Pick buckets will be available for purchase, $3 each.
Larger groups and tours to call to 604-845-0678 or email bookings@klaassenfarms.ca to ensure accommodability for the duration of your visit.

Check Weather Conditions


Our fields are open Monday – Saturday, 8 AM – 8 PM weather permitting. For those arriving after 5 PM we ask that you check in at our Farm Store before heading down to the picking fields. Heavy rain may result in our fields being closed. Please call ahead or check for updates on our Facebook or Instagram pages for our opening dates. We kindly ask that customers do not arrive before 8 am as they will not be permitted into the fields.
July our fields will open once the berries are ripe enough for picking and will be open until approximately late August. Be sure to check with our staff what variety of blueberries are in season.
Remember to dress for the weather, proper foot wear, rain-boots and layers are important as the weather can change quickly in rainy BC.

Where To Pick


If you are wondering where the best picking spots are be sure to ask our staff and once you are at a full bush stay put until you have picked your fill of berries. This will save you time looking where to go so stay put and keep picking. A smaller blueberry does not mean it will be less sweet but the variety and if the berry is ripe determines the taste.
It takes time to master the skill of berry picking. Give yourself time to get the hang of it as everyone finds their own little tricks to pick the ripest blueberries. To get you started try rolling the berries between your thumbs and into the palm of your hands, the ripe ones should roll right off into your bucket. Avoid the green ones and the really soft ones. A ripe blueberry will be blue, avoid the pink and green ones!
Remember to maintain 6′ distance between yourself and others not within your bubble.

Directions & Pricing


Our Farm is located at 51211 Chilliwack Central Road.
If taking Hwy 1 take the Annis Road exit, look for exit 129, once on Annis Road, turn right onto Chilliwack Central (look for the big Klaassen Farms sign) and follow the road for about 1.5 kms.
We are on the corner of Chilliwack Central Road & Ford Road in Rosedale.
Be sure to check in with our staff when you arrive so they can direct you to the best picking spots where the berries are the ripest and provide you with instructions before entering our fields. There are hand-washing stations you will be directed to use upon entering and exiting our fields. We have Duke and Bluecrop Blueberries in our fields that are very sweet and plumb in size.
Our U-Pick Blueberries are $2 per lb. Buckets are available for purchase, clean outside containers will be permitted. Please wash your hands upon entry to our fields and only bring containers smaller than 5 gallons in size.



We have two regular bathrooms by our Farm Store in the upper main parking lot that are cleaned and sanitized regularly. There are no bathrooms in the U-Pick Fields, but you can walk or drive up to the upper parking lot to use the main restrooms. Before you enter the U-Pick fields you will be required to wash/ sanitize your hands at one of our hand-wash stations before picking. Once you have paid and are ready to leave you can wash/ sanitize your hands before leaving.
Food, drink or berries are not to be consumed in the fields. No smoking or vaping, or alcohol is permitted onsite.

How To Prepare


Wear comfortable shoes (no heels) as you will be standing for a couple of hours. Be sure to bring a hat and some sun screen. If you get thirsty or hungry our Farm Store has some blueberry snacks for sale to help you feel refreshed and cool off from the hot summers heat. Blueberry Ice-Cream or Lemonade anyone? Plan to stay a few hours after or before picking to enjoy our new Farm Adventure Zone which includes farm animals and bounce pillow.