Blueberry Picking Tips

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U-Pick Fields Now Open!


Here are a few pointers to help you have the best experience when coming to our farm for picking blueberries.


Call ahead or check weather conditions

Our U-Pick fields are open Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm with weather permitting. Rain is not ideal for berry picking as rain can cause the berries to become mushy and our fields can turn to mud puddles quickly.

Dress for the occasion

Wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing for a couple of hours. Be sure to bring a hat and some sun screen. If you get thirsty or hungry our Farm Store has some blueberry snacks for sale to help you feel refreshed and cool off from the heat.


Bring your buckets and fill them up!

We have buckets for you to borrow for picking but we recommend you bring your own so that you have something to transport them home. Our buckets have a rope on them to help you free up your hands so you can multitask and use both hands for picking our best blueberries.

The best picking spot

If you are wondering where the best picking spots are be sure to ask our staff and once you are at a full bush stay put until you have picked your fill of berries. This will save you time looking where to go so stay put and keep picking.


Be patient

It takes time to master the skill of berry picking. Give yourself time to get the hang of it as everyone finds there own little treats to pick the ripest blueberries. To get you started try rolling the berries between your thumbs and palm of your hands, the ripe ones should roll right off into your bucket. Avoid the green ones and the really soft ones. If the berries are a little pink they are still okay to eat.

Farm Fact:

Unlike some other fruits blueberries will not ripen once they are picked so it is important to pick them at just the right time.

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