Frequently Asked Questions

Do you spray your fields?

This is a question that we often get asked, and we are more than happy to answer it honestly. We use non toxic and natural sprays on our blueberries. With over 100 acres to farm we focus on sustainable farming, ensuring that we grow healthy and great tasting blueberries.

What types of sprays do you use?

For Pest Control, we use a non toxic spray called “Entrust,” an all-natural way to combat insect pests in our fields. If we did not spray periodically, we would lose our crop to a nasty pest called Spotted Wing Drosophila. This is an invasive species that came to British Columbia around 10 years ago and has become quite problematic to soft fruits such as blueberries. For this reason we spray, when necessary, to ensure that we do not literally lose the fruits of our labor.

For Weed Control, we use Ignite SN, a product that is not systemic and is not absorbed into the plants or berries. However, we leave at least a 30 day gap between using this product and the time our harvest begins. If you walk through our fields during harvest you will see many weeds growing nicely as they are left alone until all the berries have been harvested. If we were to spray our blueberry plants they would die, so we are careful to focus our spraying on only the weeds, not on our plants.

We are GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified in our fields, meaning that we strictly adhere to all regulations, ensuring that food safe standards have been met. This is a voluntary certification, one that not all farms choose to be part of.

How often so you spray?

We spray only when absolutely necessary, and within the recommend time frames suggested by the manufactures and regulatory bodies.

Are your blueberries non GMO?

Yes, all of our blueberries are non GMO berries.

Unlike crops such as corn, blueberries are a non-genetically modified crop. All our blueberry plants have come from natural and traditional plant stocks.

Are you Certified Organic?

At this time we are not certified organic, but as mentioned, we insist on using all natural sprays, ones that are entirely safe for animal and human consumption.

Do you use Round Up on your fields?

No we do not use Round Up or any other glyphosate based products in our fields.

Do I need to wash my blueberries?

This is another question that we often get asked. Food Safe recommends that you wash all fruits and vegetables before consumption, so if you decide to ignore this advice, it is entirely up to you. However, we, ourselves, can at times be caught sampling our berries (with clean hands of course) fresh from our own fields. But shhhhhhh – please don’t tell our Farmer!

Do you use bees in your fields? Do your sprays hurt or kill bees?

We have a lot of wild (and very huge) bumble bees that make their homes in the grounds of our fields, but we also have great relationships with our local bee keepers. As you can well imagine, most bee keepers are pretty particular to which farms they let their precious bees go. However, due to our natural and very selective spray practices, our bee keepers have been confident in bringing their bees to our field’s year after year, ensuring that our blueberry blossoms are well pollinated.  So, in answer to the above questions, our sprays in no way cause any harm to our pollinating friends – the bees.