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When you shop at Hofstede’s Country Barn you are supporting local food growers and manufactures.

Our friends at Hofstede’s shared, “Growers like Klaassen Farms in turn bring local, fresh, and higher quality products to our marketplace. They also support local workers and families, and help to build a local food culture that has reaching benefits across the community. We love Klaassen Farms fresh or Frozen blueberries, and if you have never tried blueberry Kuchen it is delicious.”


Building our community

Hofstede’s is a known pillar in Chilliwack and it all started when Roleof, who (along with wife Doutzen) started Hofstede’s 22 years ago, and was a very forward thinking and innovative businessman. Many of the ideas he had about business and customer service are as applicable today as they were back then. Hofstede’s began as a simple fruit stand, and under his leadership grew out of the trailer very quickly to the space we have today. The store you see today can be largely attributed to the hard work of Roleof’s daughter Tera, and her husband Richard, although Roleof’s ideas and innovations remain part of the business to this day. Together with Doutzen they have transformed the small fruit and vegetable store with a limited selection of Dutch items into a specialty food store with items from all over the world, a bustling café, and a full-service Deli.

Hofstede’s Zero Waste Program

When we get food in from our various farmers, the “#1’s” go onto the floor for our customers. The quality of our produce is a huge priority for us, and we have a high level of expectation for what we will sell on the floor. Items that are not in “perfect” condition will go to our cooler to be picked up by various food banks and soup kitchen programs to help feed people in our community. Food that has degraded past what is appropriate for human consumption, or food trimmings and peels go into bins and we have several farmers who pick it up each day for their animals. In other words, nothing goes to waste.

On top of this great program Hofstede’s also donates to many fantastic local charities and food banks to make our community a better place.

Hofstede’s Country Barn Address:

45796 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 5P9


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