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Elliott Blueberries 

We often get asked about when blueberry season ends and starts and what the difference is between each of our blueberry varieties. Each year the start and end timing for Blueberries will vary for each farm and depend upon mother nature, the weather and what varieties have been grown. At Klaassen Farms we grow 4 different types of Blueberries, Dukes, Bluecrop, Reka, and Elliotts.

If you are now pondering that there are different Blueberry varieties you are not alone in asking what this means. Our Elliott Blueberries are the last variety we have each season and they can be under appreciated compared to some of their sister varieties due to their more tart taste.

Berry Facts

To help you treasure our Elliott Blueberries we have put together some berry facts to help you love them as much as we do.

  • Last variety of the Blueberry season as they ripen later, this means we can have blueberries into September
  • Light Blue in colour, can look blueish silver in tone
  • To tell if they are more on the sour side look for the pink ones, those will be quite sour
  • A nice firm berry and medium in size
  • Tart or sour in taste but still very yummy!
  • Perfect for baking, canning, jamming, freezing or eating fresh
  • If you love sour candies then you will enjoy this variety over the sweeter ones such as our Dukes and Bluecrops that we grow

Lastly we like to encourage our customers to try before they buy and give our Elliotts a taste as you may be surprised by how tasty they are even for a tart Blueberry.


Available for purchase while we have them!

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